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TravelSavvy Europe travel writers regularly contribute special articles about Europe holidays and trips that they feel will be of interest to our readers. They may include Europe news, reviews and suggestions of things to do on a Europe city break. Articles are added to regularly so always check here for the latest contributions.

Giant squid at Bergen Aquarium

Not many city aquariums are big enough to contain a shoal of herring but the Bergen Aquarium is a bit special. Not only does it have one of the biggest collections of marine fauna in Europe it also has seals, penguins, tropical animals and a 3D cinema .

Pitti Palace Florence

With probably more art per square metre than any other city in Europe it's clear why historical Florence, curled around a bend in the Arno River, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Italy. Florence is so popular in fact that a city break here presents particular problems . Some will find the tourist slog from one famous site to another a bit of a trial.

Eurostar train

You can hop on the train and be in another world much closer to home - jump on the Eurostar and find yourself in the centre of Paris in two hours. And with cheap travel deals, you can treat yourself to a huge range of last-minute holiday deals.

Berlin city tours

With the recession hitting holidaymaker's pockets hard this year, we're all looking to make holiday savings. The time of year that you book your trip can have a huge bearing on your holiday costs. Check out our TravelSavvy tips first and we'll help you to cut some of your costs.

Ryanair plane seats

The additional fees charged by the likes of Ryanair have been controversial for some time. The airline claims that the full fare is always advertised and is not hidden or misleading. TravelSavvy investigates.

Vatican ceiling

It is easy to get caught up in the typical tourist race to see the big sights as quickly as possible; the Eiffel Tower, the Vatican, Big Ben etc. These are all wonderful sites but you don't need to build your entire vacation around them.

Once you're there you can follow a few simple steps to get the most out of your short break in Europe. Eat a good breakfast, learn a bit of the lingo and stay safe. It sounds like common sense but many people ignore it.

Travelling to your chosen destination can be stressful, flying is cheap and quick but not always the best choice. This quick guide will help you to avoid the worst of the city break traveller blues.

There was a time when all you needed to do to prepare for a holiday was a three item checklist: tickets, cash, passport. Those days are long gone Here's a handy guide to preparations to carry out before you go.

A tour of Europe can be a wonderful experience for travellers young and old. Andy Cornish explains why a motorbike tour maybe the best way to experience your first tour.

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